Peter Cetera feat. Crystal Bernard – Forever Tonight

Feel your breat on my shoulder
and I know it couldn’t get any closer
I dont wanna at top
I just wanna falling in love
It’s remove

Into the night are u crazy
thinking how its gonna be with u baby
I dont wanna play love
after love u know
uuh baby

Wanna take forever tonight
wanna stay in this moment forever
I’m gonna give u all the love that I’ve got
wanna take forever tonight
feel u up tell u are with love
when u close the door, all I need
it’s in your eyes
oooh, I
wanna take forever tonight

Taste my lips, uuh I’m a fire
you’re the only one I ever desire
turn the light, down love
make the world go slow
when I’m holdin u tonight
it’s so easy
nothing move me like you do when
u teach me
until rush would be crime
I just want spend some time with u baby

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When i’m here beside u
wanna see what trive u, out of your mind
oh baby
I never wanna leave, I only want to be with u
cause I love how u feel
the love so real
know you now i wanna take forever tonight

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