The Off Spring – Gotta Get Away

I’m getting edgy all the time
Someone around me just a step behind
It’s kinda scary the shape I’m in
The walls are shakin’ and closin’ in
Too fast or a bit too slow
I’m paranoid of people and it’s startin’ to show
There’s one guy that I can’t shake
Over my shoulder is a big mistake

Sitting on the bed or lying wide-awake
There’s demons in my head and it’s more than I can take
Think I’m on a roll but I think it’s kinda weak
Sayin’ all I know is I gotta get away from me
Tell you somethin’ just ain’t right
My head’s all loose but my shoes are tight
Avoiding my friends cause they all bug
Life is like a riddle and I’m really stumped
If you reason don’t you know
Your own pre-occupation is where you’ll go
I think I’m being followed, I look around
It’s only my shadow creepin’ on the ground

Gotta get away from me


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