D’Cinnamons – So Would You Let Me Be Me

we’ve get along together
I should have known
you’re the best that I could love

until now it’s hard for me to face it
why don’t we meet each other sooner

Ileft them all behind you…. only for you
would you believe it
I put my trust on you

but deep inside I realized
that I can’t, no I can’t
they were all my brother
my cry and happiness

so would you let me be my self
reach all my dreams and hopes

I know you’re known me better
I know you love me, you do

you’re eyes says more than anythings
that’s realy means to me
[that’s mean a lot for me]

darlin would you now
would you set me free


  1. jonathan_ryder

    I luv this song…
    made my heart so…
    good luck 4 d’cinnamons

  2. ~ EnDlesS LoVe ~

    lagunyaaaaaaaaa… menyentuh bangeeeeed!!!!
    demen abis g ama nieh laguuuu..
    100x dengerin juga kagak bosen” duwehhh….

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