O Town – All Or Nothing

C    G/B  Am  G  F

I know when he’s been on your mind that
distant look in your eyes
thought with time you’d realize
Am    G7
it’s over, over

it’s not the way i choose to live
Am                F
and something somewher’s gotta give

a share in relationship
Fm        G7
gets older, older

you know i’d fight for you
G7                    Am  G7  C
but how could i fight someone who isn’t even there
F            G7
i’ve had the rest of you now

i want the best of you
E7                F
i don’t care if that’s not fair

coz i want it all or nothing at all
there’s nowhere left to fall
Am            G
when you reach the bottom
it’s now or never
G7    C
is it all
or are we just friend
Am            G
is this how it ends with a simple telephone call
F    G7    C
you leave me here with nothing at all

there are time it seems to me
i’m sharing you with memories
i feel in my heart
but i don’t show it , show it

then there’s time you look at me
as thought i’m all that you could see
those times i don’t believe
it’s right i know it i know it

do’t make me promises baby
you never did know how to keep them well
i’ve had the rest of you now
i want the best of you
it’s time to show, and tell ..

back to ; #

F    G7        Am        G        C
you and i could lose it all if you’ve got  no more room nowhere
Am        C
inside for me in your life
C    Csus C
coz i want it all


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