Nikka Costa – My First Love

Intro: C Fm/C  C  Fm/C

C        Dm
Everyone can see
G        C
There’s a change in me
Am    C/G    F
They all say I’m not the same
D7        Gsus G
kid I use to be
C    Em Am     Dm
Don’t go out and play
G        Em
I just dream all day
Am    C/G    F
They don’t know what’s wrong with me
D7        Gsus G
And I’m too shy to say

It’s my first love
Bm7-5      E7
What I’m dreaming on
When I go to bed
Gm        C        F
When I lay my head above my pillow
Em    Dm    G7
Don’t know what to do
My first love

Bm7-5        E7
He things that I’m too young
He doesn’t even know
Gm        C        F
Wish that I could tell him what I’m feeling
Em        Dm   G7        C
’cause I’m feeling my first love

int : Fm  C

Miror on the wall
Does he care at all
Does he ever notice me
Does he ever found

Tell me teddy bear
My love is so unfair
Will I ever found a way
An answer to my pray
For my first love


  1. Stefanus

    Pliz dunk bwt download mp3 nikka costa gratis, langka nich lagu na…… pliz…..1000x
    Kangen dengan lagu ini/……

  2. aulia

    i miss this song…..
    klo ada yg punya kasih tau ya dimana downloadnya
    susah bgt carinya

  3. Rizqy

    gue suka banget ma lagu ini.. tapi gak tau mau download di mana???

  4. karkey

    dmana sh download ma lgu ini?
    ne lgu langka n susah dicari!

    klo ada yang tau plis kadih tau gua!!

  5. anida

    sangat2 ska lagu ini…
    mengingatkn gw bgt ma frist love gw…
    thanks for this song, cz can make my heart slow again

  6. anGki

    LaGu niE pUnya maKna yg LwaR biAsa bgT…
    bwT tNeng pRasaan sMwa oRang…
    giLa..nuRutQ LagU niE g aDa yG nYainGin..ajiBbb
    i LoPh niKka coSta, i LopH my FirSt LovE..
    mmuAcch 4eVer..

  7. uii,, dmn c downLoad na?..
    ssh cari na~

  8. w suka banget lagunya meskipun w anak METAL,but w suka bgt,coz lagunya damai abiezzzzzzzzzz…!

  9. KrisHna

    dalem bgt ni lagu……
    jd inget ma first love gw…

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