Madison Avenue – Who The Hell Are You

1ST Verse

Now when i, was a little girl, my mam sat me down and told me all about the world.
Now she , she told me true, she said one day you would probably break my heart in two.
But now i, i beg to differ baby, i don’t take it, that way you like to give it.
Now look at you, on your knees, sweet as sugar baby, sayin’ please….
I said i’m looking at you, well
Said i’m looking at you, aah hah
I said i’m looking at you, yeah


Now who the hell are you, to treat me like that?
I don’t care where you’ve been, what you ve’ done, or where you’re at.
Now who that hell are you, to act that way you do?
You won’t be smiling by the time i’m through with you.
Now who the hell are you?

2nd Verse

Well now, ain’t no cheating, ain’t no lying,
Ain’t no explaining, justifying going on around here.
Now stand up, and be a man, if you want , come and get it baby, catch me if you can.

Come on and catch me if you can
Well you know that, if you want it, come and get it, if you want it, Oww.


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