Greenday – Give Me Novacaine

Intro: A  F#  Bm E

A                                   F#m
Take away the sensation inside

Bm                                      E
Bitter sweet migraine in my head

A                                                  F#m
It’s like a throbbing toothache of the mind

Bm                                    E
I can take this feeling anymore


D                                         A
Drain the pressure from the swelling

D                                     A
This sensation’s overwhelming

Give me a long kiss goodnight

And everything will be alright

Bm                                  E
Tell me that I won’t feel a thing

Give me novacaine

Int: A  F#m  Bm  E
A                               F#m
Out of body and out of mind

Bm                                      E
Kiss the demons out of my dreams

A                                              F#m
I get the funny feeling and that’s alright

Bm                                     E
Jimmy says it’s better than here

Back to Chorus

Int: A  F#  (3x)  A  Bm  E
Back to Chorus
Coda: A  F#m  Bm  E  A


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