Anggun C. Sasmi – I’ll Be Allright

Intro: F#m   D   Bm   E (2x)

F#m                          A
Tell me is it worth the pain

D                  E
When your pride plays the wrong game

F#m                           A
Blinded by suspicious mind

D                   E
Though you could read my heart and cross the line

C#m                   D
In everything you see…

C#m                          D
Keep everything back me

F#m                     D
Chorus: Though my broken heart

Tear my dreams apart

E              F#m
I’ll be all right… I’ll be all right

Just a broken heart

Not a word to fight

E              F#m
I’ll be all right… I’ll be all right

Deep that bad taste in your mouth

D                   E
Half your truths stay on your side

F#m                               A
Unleash all your demons free

They’ve been hiding

E                       Bm   C#m
All that you’ve refused to see

Take everything back me

Back to: Chorus

Int: F#m   D   Bm

Bm          E                  F#m
Obvious inside I’ll be all right

Through the years, many tears I have wasted

E                       F#m
I’ve moved on, moving on

Can’t erased, can’t replaced what I’ve tasted

E                    F#m
Life’s goes on, an on…

Back to: Chorus (2x)

Coda: F#m   D   Bm   E   F#m


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