D’Cinnamons – Loving You

Intro: G   Am   Bm   C (2x)

G              Am              Em
Ring, ring it’s you again heart pops

I loved to hear you

G            Am                  Bm      C
It’s been all day I’ve been waiting for you

G       Am
Hello, you call my name

Bm                   C
So much stories you shared with me

G               Am                 Bm
You said a lot to me about girls

C                     G
Oh, it’s so nice

Bm   C                                         Bm
And every beauty thing they did to you

Don’t stop and tell me more…

Loving you it hurt sometimes

I’m standing here you just don’t bye

I’m always there you just don’t feel

Em                    D
Or you just don’t wanna feel

Don’t wanna be hurt that way

It doesn’t mean I’m givin’ up

I wanna give you more

And more and more…

Int: G   Am   Bm   C (2x)

G                    Am                    Bm
Knock, knock you came around heart pops

I loved to see you

G           Am                   Bm      C
It’s been two years since I’m love with you

G                       Am
Bum! Bum! You break my heart

Bm                C
You said, girl I’m in love with her

G                       Am            Bm       C
But it’s all right, I’m still alive yeah… ohh…

Bm   C                                          Bm
And all the beauty things she did to you

Don’t stop and tell me more

Back to: Chorus

Em            D                                   C
And when I see that smile upon your face

D   Em
Deep in your eyes you had it all

D                                    A  Am  D
And when I hear you super electrical voices…

Back to: Chorus (2x)

Coda: G   Am   Bm   C (2x)


  1. edow

    tolong lyrics-nya loving you dari d’cinamons yang lengkap.
    jangan yang hanya sepanggal yang ada ini.
    tolong yah!

  2. sorry banget waktu itu gw lagi buru-buru, thank’s banget koreksinya.

  3. erika hikaru

    nice lyrics,,thanks yah 🙂

  4. INTAN

    kok g ada liriknya dadu – terima kasih cinta c!!!!

  5. Hey All ! ! !
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  6. wua…asiik bener lirik2nyah…

  7. unik bgt dah suaranya????
    keren abiszzzzzzzzz

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